What is the application scenario?

Urban transportation, parks, industrial parks, schools, hospitals, communities, etc

System Configuration

  • Solar array
  • Inverter
  • Battery storage system
  • Electric transmission line
  • Back up power
  • Control system (EMS)
  • Meter & AMI system

Safty Solution

  • No hosting, no back door
  • You own the platform & alldata

User Friendly

  • Pure background color
  • Easy-understandingicon
  • Optimized interface &process

Green Platform

  • Small package size
  • One-click installation
  • Install without plug-in


Question1. How to choose LED lights?
  1. Public parks, community, road about 6 meters wide;
  2. City squares, transit stations, road about 8 meters wide;
  3. City squares, transit stations, road about 10 meters wide;
Item Type a Type b Type c
Lighting pole/m 6 8 10
Lighting power/W 60 80 100
Question2. What is the platform function?

Question3. What are the benefits of smart street lamps for operators?
  • Precise & efficient light control on platform as per real demand.
  • On-time data and status checking.
  • Automated fault alarm notification.
  • Easy asset management by fully record & precise GPS positioning.

Project Case

Location: China

Quantity: 650

Communication: Wi-SUN