How Does Solar Pump Work?

Solar pumps rely on panels to convert solar energy into electricity, so as to drive water pumps from deep Wells, rivers, lakes, reservoirs and other water sources, can be widely used in animal husbandry, landscape fountains, domestic water, etc

DC Pump

The simplest pump solution.

Power less than 2kW

Hybrid Pump

Support AC/DC power

Flexible and reliable

AC Pump

Applicable to large-scale water

supply scenarios


Question1. How should I choose the right pump?

Step1: Download our product catalogue.

Step2: Define your water Head and Flow.

Step3: Make your choice from the chart below.

Question 2. What are the advantages of the Hexing pump?

  • You can manually set the daily water supply time and supply it regularly
  • You can manually set the daily water intake and supply quantitatively
  • In sunny days, solar power is preferred. At night or on rainy days, diesel or public power grids can be used as a backup power source.
  • Remotely view the real-time running status of the system, if a fault occurs, the fault information will be sent in real time. The start and stop of the system can be controlled remotely.
Question3. How to configure solar panels for water pumps?
  • Usually solar power will be 1.3~1.5 times than the power of the pump.
  • Under the requirement of motor’s working voltage, normally configured 1.414 times than motor voltage.
  • The open circuit voltage shall be less than the voltage marked on the controller.

Project Case

Location: Thailand
System: 1kW
Application scenarios:
agricultural irrigation
Type: DC pump