Value of the Solution

Protect your home from outages while saving on your electricity bills. Hexing Electrical offers solar & storage systems that provide electricity even under the harshest weather conditions. Explore our residential solar systems below to find the perfect match for your home.


System configuration:
solar panels, on-grid inverters, etc.


System configuration:
solar panels, off-grid inverters, batteries, etc.


System configuration:
solar panels, hybrid inverters, batteries


Question1. How many solar panels can be installed on my rooftop?

Depends on how much area of your roof can be used.

Formula: PmaxS*F*fcoe

  • Roof area, S /m²
  • Max installed power, Pmax/W
  • Module efficiency, F (value 0.2 normally)
  • fcoe Coefficient, (Concrete flat roof: 0.5~0.6, Metal sloping roof: 0.7~0.8)
Question 2. How do I choose the solar system for my family?

If your house rarely loses utility power.

—On grid system will be your ideal choice.

If you get an unstable utility power, or you get a high bill every month.

— Hybrid system will be your ideal choice.

If there is no utility power in your house.

— Off grid system will be your ideal choice.

Question 3. How about your warranty?

For our product the warranty will be as follow,

Solar panel: 12-years Product Warranty / 25-years Linear Power Warranty.

Inverter: 5-years

System warranty: 1-year

Project Case

Location: Australia,
PV capacity: 5.22kW
Inverter:Hyper 5000
Battery: 5kWh
Annual production: 9422kWh