What is the application scenario?

  • Schools, hospitals, shopping malls, office buildings, factories, etc.

Solar Carport

Efficient, good-looking,

convenient, waterproof

Industrial&Commercial Building

Lower electricity bills.

Low investment, high return.

Solar, battery, EV

Provide complete EV charging



Question1. What can I get from installing a solar power station?

First of all, the installation of solar power stations can reduce the electricity bill of enterprises and reduce their operating costs.

Second, Solar energy is green, environmental protection, no noise, no pollution.

Last but not least, with a 25-year life cycle, solar plants can be economically profitable.

Question2. Can the solar carport be customized?

Yes! Of course.

Your carport can be different shape, can be waterproof, just as you want.

Question 3. Why is solar, battery, EV power station?
  • Using renewable energy, environmental friendly.

The production of electricity mainly relies on PV power generation.

  • Reduce the impact on the grid

At present, the power of DC fast EV charger is more than 60kW, which is equivalent to the electricity consumption of twenty or thirty households, which has a great impact on the power grid.

Energy storage batteries can perfectly solve this problem.

  • Reuse of retired electric vehicle batteries

The retired electric vehicle power battery can be used as the energy storage battery of the charging station, realize the cascade utilization of the battery, and effectively solve the problem of new energy vehicle battery recycling.

Project Case

Location: Brazil
Type: Solar carport
Installation capacity: 170kWp
Battery capacity: 350kWH
Annual production: 255MWh