Project Case 1:

A village level microgrid in a certain African Country

In order to bring electricity to Ugandan villagers deep in the African jungle, increase the means of profit for local residents and reduce environmental pollution, WWF chose Hexing’s micro-grid and electricity distribution system solution. The project covers six villages, with a total of 170kW of solar panels and an annual power generation of about 250MWh.


Project Case 2:

CPFL Brazil UNICAMP University Campus Microgrid Project

The successful implementation of the first medium voltage microgrid project in Brazil will become a benchmark for microgrid projects in the Brazilian Industry.
The project will apply the “Microgrid Project Execution Standards” discussed by the electric power research institute in early 2023 to actual execution process of the project. It is first example of the on-site execution standards of china’s microgrid projects being apply in the world.


Project Case 3:

China Ningbo Industrial and Commercial Energy Storage Project

An industrial and commercial rooftop photovoltaic power station project that integrates off grid system,on grid system and energy storage system with an installed capacity of 1MW.


Project Case 4:

China Nanjing Integrated Energy Station for Solar + BESS + Diesel Storage

A new mobile microgrid storage station integrating solar power generation technology, energy storage technology and diesel power generation technology. The average daily power generation of this project is 40~50kWh. Meet the application requirements of military-civilian integration, island areas, northwest regions and other grid-free/mains power scenarios. Effectively reduce the use of project generators and realize the power consumption mode of “light storage and direct flexibility. Promote the realization of “oil to electricity”, in line with the national “dual carbon” concept.


Project Case 5:

Photovoltaic Power Plant

1. China Hangzhou
2. China Ningbo
3. China Nanjing
4. South America, Brazil
5. A country in Africa