HEXING International: The Specialist of Solar Power Solutions

About HEXING International

Hexing International is part of the HEXING group and was established in 1992. It was listed on the main board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange in November 2016, Hexing international focuses on green energy, provide people with better quality, more efficient and more economical energy use experience.


More than 90 countries across the world are utilizing Hexing International products and solutions

Our Solutions

Residential Solar

Protect your home from outages while saving on your electricity bills. Hexing International offers solar & storage systems that provide electricity even under the harshest weather conditions. 

Commercial Solar

Hexing offers complete solutions for commercial and industrial users ranging from the panel DC output to the grid connection, including inverters, electrical distribution, monitoring, and technical support. 

Solar Pump

Solar pumping system has the concepts of low carbon, energy saving and environment protection. It can also significantly improve people’s living standards in areas with water shortage and electricity shortage. 

Smart Street Lamp

As cities move beyond the adoption of LED street lights to reduce energy consumption, there is a growing need to harness smart technologies with advanced analytics for more sustainable and cost-efective street light management.

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